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Alternative file manager to Windows' Explorer




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The fact that Windows users aren't happy with this operating system's file explorer isn’t really news and began many years ago. Its continuous ups and downs, sporadic crashes, and slowness are a real pain in the neck for many users.

But there are very few alternatives to the explorer out there, although Opus is bent on being one of the best. The panels that show the folders and their contents can be organized in six different ways.

The integrated multimedia player lets you watch videos, listen to music, and view pictures without having to leave the application. Other interesting functions are a hexadecimal editor and an MP3 tags editor.

Each user can configure the programs entire interface and decide which toolbars will be available and which won't. Don't miss the one in the lower part that shows a folder’s route in the shape of bread crumbs (and also lets you access it and the rest of the subfolders by clicking on the name).

Apart from that, during the program's installation, you can decide if you want Directory Opus to substitute the Explorer as your predetermined file manager, FTP client, or ZIP compressor.

30 day trial version.

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